Creating valuable platforms that tackle problems and make everyday situations easier. That is what we excel at. We design, build and optimize special solutions for real, everyday challenges. We do all this at a high level and based on the Simplicity Moves principles. This method has proven to be successful and is used exclusively by Nip.

Our startup mentality is what typifies us. Which means; we are enterprising, curious, flexible and eager but at the same time experienced and professional. We dare to make sharp choices about what works and what doesn't. Then we adjust. In this way we help organizations make the right choices.


Everything we think up, design and build must be 'seamless'. In design, user experience, idea, technology but also in business. Everything must be right and speak for itself without having to explain much. Natural adoption by the end user is the goal. That means making people feel where they need to go. Simplicity makes you gain faster access and things start to move. So that the product or service is allowed. Hoping to stay, to become self-evident and therefore indispensable. Just like Nip .

Our vision

To satisfy customers with Quality Services .So they can manage Business as Usual and achieve sustained leadership in their Markets.


Make your work as fun as possible, get the best out of yourself and do what you do best. This is what we strive for. We stand with both feet on the ground but want to make an impact. No chest beating. Well Developing yourself and keeping your future in your own hands is what we love. Does this suit you? Then we would love to meet you!